Meet Sharon

Hi There I’m so glad you could drop by. I would offer you a virtual cup of tea but they haven’t invented a way to do that yet :).

I’m Sharon Bosmoore, I am a Psychic Artist ( someone who brings through messages and healing from the other side through art) I am also an energy practitioner and coach. I am the founder of Holistic Creativity a powerful path for transformation. I work with sensitive and creative souls who are awakening to their souls path and purpose.

My work is for you if:

* You have a goal or a desire that you want to accomplish like write a book, take your work out into the world, align your soul work with more income but you feel stuck and have trouble taking action because of fear, self doubt, overwhelm or lack of know how.


* You are not sure what you want but you feel an inner nudge to explore your purpose , psychic ability, intuitive and healing connection.


* You want to be able to express yourself and be YOU with much more confidence, courage and self belief.


I know what it’s like to be a sensitive person in a non sensitive world.

I have always known I was here for a reason, that I had a sacred mission to fulfil and that there is more to our existence than we think.

But knowing I had a purpose and actually LIVING it were two different things.

I struggled for a long time with a great deal of fear, and very little self belief- I even had other mediums tell me that I was only going through it to help people. This lead me on a search for truth and a quest for answers which took decades of research and trying different things to see what worked. This was my university of the soul.

As I started to develop my own psychic and healing gifts, I discovered that my Guides didn’t want me to just connect with them but they lead me on a journey of connecting with myself and each time I let go of some old story or limitation- new, unexpected, exciting doors would open. Good things flowed towards me and everything became easier. And as I practised following my intuition, my abundance level went up which was a surprising but delightful side effect.

In fact there have been many interesting and delightful discoveries and experiences along my path, just too many to share here so I am going to be sharing much more through my emails and articles so you can see in more real terms how connecting with your own path can really help you – and the weird and wacky ways that your spirit guides assist you.

Holistic Creativity

Over the years I have developed a way of working with you that I call Holistic Creativity, it’s a way of working that allows me to help you get results faster because it uses your whole self to solve problems, remove blocks that stand in your way and helps you connect with your perfect next steps- and this allows you to let go of your fears, and take action on your dreams.

I know now that things can change in an instant and that there is so much more possible for you than you can see right now and because of my own struggles I am passionate about helping you get there faster, rather than it taking decades like it did for me. The thing is that when you tap into your whole self – positive change becomes far easier and much faster. It doesn’t have to be hard, painful or difficult for you like it was for me – the good news is it can be fun too.

What is Holistic Creativity?

Holistic creativity is a unique path of transformation that combines many methods and techniques into a powerful way of shifting and shaping your life into what it was always meant to be.
Holistic Creativity allows you to reach your potential by helping you to;

See yourself differently

Discover the natural confidence and courage that is hidden within you – even if you are highly sensitive or have failed to find it in the past – this will allow you to take action on your goals and actually move towards them rather than wishing they would come true you’ll go from dreaming into doing.

Access the wisdom that awaits you.

Make the world of intuition, purpose and spirit tangible and real enabling you to step out of confusion knowing your perfect next steps and the right direction for you

Note: This can be extremely helpful for your business – especially if you’ve struggled to figure out your niche, message, offerings or you feel overwhelmed, phew.

Express yourself

Free your self expression, discover your unique voice and feel deeply connected with your Soul aligned path – in fact you may be pleasantly surprised at what you discover. If you have a heart connected business it can help you to write articles and a whole lot more, allowing you to share authentically with the world.

Relate to money in new ways

Connect with your fastest path to soul aligned money, abundance and be empowered to create income with soul.

Master your mission

Connect with the message that is uniquely yours to share so you can bring your gifts into the world in a way that feels heart connected and attracts clients who are excited to work with you.

Create the freedom to thrive

Heal the wounds and subconscious blocks that create big walls in your path and rediscover your playful, joyful self. Let go of perfectionism, and feelings of not enough and be you without apology.


If this is something that sounds like it might be helpful to you…

There are three ways I suggest you get started;


Grab my free Ebook, One Simple Thing – this will help you and you’ll also be on my mailing list – You’ll get lots of insight and inspiration and other goodies, plus, you’ll be the first to know about classes, workshops and also special discounts that are only offered to my community.




Contact me below and set up a free, no obligation, chat – we’ll talk about your best next steps ( I believe that high pressure sales tactics are unenlightened) Usually you’ll feel a strong urge to connect with me if this is the right step for you because I don’t work alone, I have a loving team of Spirit Guides who assist me to help you. You’ll walk away relaxed, refreshed and inspired on your path, whether we decide to work together or not.




Explore the Psychic Art Gallery and spend some time with the images and words on my site as they are energy rich and healing on many levels.

Please note ; this site is currently under construction so you may not see everything mentioned yet. If you don’t see what you are looking for please feel free to contact me using the form above to find out more.