How to take yourself From Dreaming To Doing even if you have been stuck for years….

The Colour of light

Can you answer YES to any of these questions?

  1. Do you feel like you are here to make a difference in the world?

  2. Do you feel like you are receiving a nudge from the universe to spread your message to more people through business,art or writing, healing or psychic/ intuitive work?

  3. Do you want your work to express beauty and make the world a better place?

  4. Do you long to pass your knowledge and insight onto others knowing that you could make things better if they knew what you know?

  5. Do people often come to you for advice about their problems – even strangers?

  6. Do you feel like it’s time to create greater abundance and prosperity for yourself and your family?

  7. Do you feel like it’s time to find greater meaning and contribute to others using your souls gifts?

  8. Do you feel a sense of calling to step up but you feel like it is too hard to move forward because you feel like you have lost your power along the way?

If this sounds like You I believe that your spirit Guides have lead you here for a reason.

If  you answered yes to one or more of these questions you are in the right place. But you may struggle with some of these issues…. Maybe you can relate.

* I want to take my work out into the world but I feel overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done

* I struggle with a nagging feeling that my work ( and myself) are not good enough to be shared and seen by others, I feel anxious about promoting myself.

* I feel like I am different from others and I worry what others will think if I share my out of the box gifts, talents and expertise

* I am so plugged into the creative pulse of the universe that I have endless ideas and I don’t know what I am supposed to do or where to focus.

* I am being drawn to explore my intuitive, psychic or healing abilities, I feel like there’s something I have to do but I am not sure what.

* I don’t know how to explain what I do in a way that others understand because I feel like what I do is so multidimensional.

* I don’t know how to connect my spiritual or creative gifts with money or whether I can make money and still be spiritual.

* Whenever I think that I am making progress towards my goals and dreams, some how I get distracted, or stuck and I don’t know why.

​The thing is that when it comes to taking action on their goals and purpose -for many sensitive spiritual and creative people- There can be a deep sense of conflict that stops you dead in your tracks.

It’s like there are two parts of you that are at war within you

The part of you that is excited and happy to bring your gifts into the world

and the part ( or parts) of you that want to run away and hide. Am I right?

This can have you spinning in circles. 

You can find yourself…

hiding out or spending lot’s of energy to fit in – fearing rejection and criticism.

Ignoring your own wisdom and feeling scared to express yourself because you have forgotten to trust yourself.

Feeling overwhelmed by everything you think you have to do.

Trying everything you know to get your work out there and attract clients but getting know where. ( This can have you questioning whether you are really meant to follow your heart)

Spending a lot of money on programs but finding yourself unable to use them or take any real kind of action.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that hard when you know what to do.

 ”  I’ve done Sharon’s course The Art of Purpose recently and I believed it has had a great and positive impact on my life such as building my confidence, gaining clarity, soul empowerment and helping me to find my life purpose. And since I’ve done the course I’m more happier and at peace with myself. Sharon is an amazing down to earth, fun, artistic gifted and caring person and most of all a very good coach. I find that I easily connect with her and enjoyed every session we have together and I wouldn’t hesitate to encourage friends and families to see Sharon to find their Divine Purpose. So thank you Sharon for your great help. I’m excited and can’t wait to do my own work.   “

With Gratitude,  Leah Paterson (future coach) Adelaide Australia




 From Dreaming to Doing Coaching

I offer coaching sessions that can help you get past the places you are stuck and take yourself from dreaming, wishing and wanting and get yourself into action all in ways that are soul aligned and non overwhelming. I’ll guide you to your right next action steps and give you the emotional support you need to take action on your dreams, I’ll also help you to remove the fear and help you tap into the confidence you need so you are no longer controlled by that inner meany that tells you all the things that you CAN’T do. You’ll discover what you can do and bring your vision into reality in a step by step- non overwhelming and easy way.

Plus – together we will work in a holistic way so that you don’t get stuck in your  spin around in circles, left brain and you’ll find yourself getting the clarity you need to tap into exactly what is right for you. – We’ll then use your left brain in the way it is designed to be used, as a servant of your soul.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift,” Albert Einstein.



Mystic Moon

“Sharon helped me identify the thinking  that was holding me back. Sharon encouraged me to work through these blocks. With these changes I now see new ways of approaching my business. After Sharon’s help, I now feel excited about my business and what the future holds.”
Kerry Johnson Natural Therapist, The Shoulhaven ,NSW

Some of the ways I can help you are:

  • Create confidence and courage so you can take action and reach your goals being gently supported step by step
  • Get out of overwhelm and procrastination
  •  Dive deep and find your focus so you know exactly where to find clients and how to connect with them so they happily pay you for your services.
  • Create a better relationship with money and up your income level in a totally authentic, heart connected way.
  • Create greater clarity about your next steps.
  • Release your money fears
  • Detox your self doubts, fears and the hidden subconscious blocks that hold you in place.
  • Communicate what you do in a way that connects with clients through your website and other business materials – and has you feeling deeply authentic and soul aligned.

Using holistic creativity – and some down to earth practical business and life skills you’ll be surprised and delighted by how fast you can turn things around, discover the hidden opportunities that are waiting for you and find the clarity and confidence you need to move forward towards your goals.

“Sharon’s amazing talent and honesty helped me immensely. I was upset and stressed out. Sharon was able to tap into some old issues that were causing my stress. I wasn’t aware that these things were still effecting me as they happened a long time ago. I had a lot of feelings of guilt around a move that I wanted to make and Sharon uncovered the belief that I had to be perfect which made me feel like I could never be good enough. Sharon helped me resolve those old feelings quickly and that I didn’t have to carry them around with me. Before it felt so heavy to think about and I couldn’t think about it without crying,  now it seems so silly and even funny to me that I was thinking that way. I feel so much lighter and freer,
YAY, I feel like I can move forward in my life. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
Fiona M. Reflexologist Melbourne Australia




“I love Sharon’s copywriting style!  Her words are so compelling as if she is writing personally to each member of her audience. She knows how to reach her market and truly connect with them on an emotional and spiritual level. She can teach you how to do it too! I am extremely grateful for the assistance Sharon has given me with my own copy.”

Linda Lang



“As a Spiritually Guided practitioner who works with Intuitive Soul Light Language, Sound Healing and various Life Mentoring tools, I often find it challenging to explain what I do in a way which makes sense to my potential clients. Recently I had a very important project to complete within a very short time. A Sound Healing CD developed to enable me to add value to my clients, my business and also help me raise funds for my Student & Community Development projects I established in Nepal in 2010.

Due to the urgent deadline to explain “what is an EXPERIENCE” for the album insert, I was guided to Sharon to help me articulate the wording to get the message across. On my own I felt stuck, going over and over it and getting nowhere.Within a couple of hours Sharon, assisted by her intuition and Guides, helped me get greater clarity and connect the dot’s between my Spiritual work and it’s true value to my potential clients.  She provided a structure and words to express the benefits of my work clearly so the value of my new product – RECONNECT CD – was established in relatable terms.

What was even better is that Sharon truly gets the challenges I face as a deeply Spiritual person, I will definitely be recommending Sharon to other healers and practitioners and I will be back for more help when I need it.”

Tracy Radley ,Holistic Healing – Life Mentoring

For more information please contact me below to set up a time to talk about what’s best for you

p.s I believe that high pressure sales tactics are unenlightened. This talk won’t be about trying to force or trick you into working with me but to determine if we are a good fit to work together and if I can help you. Once we talk, I’ll recommend what my intuition tells me would be the best fit for you, even if that means that I recommend someone else. This is because I truly believe that you will be lead to where you are meant to go.

Simply fill in the form below and I’ll get back to you. I look forward to meeting you 🙂