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Art that is a message for you from the other side

The best way to explain it is to show you how it on for more

Most of the time I don't know anything about the client before I draw for them.

The images come to me as I draw or paint. It 's  a totally intuitive process. It's very much like when you send a picture to someone by email. It mysteriously travels over the internet to arrive in someone elses inbox, often on the other side of the world.

It's very much like that when I create art in this intuitive way. Those on the other side send me the image and I receive it an draw it.

But even when I draw and paint in a normal way good things happen that are unexpected.

A cat ( Angel with fur) who wanted to let my client know that she is still around.

This was one of my more unusual portraits. Most of the time when I draw I it is a Spirit Guide or some one else who has passed, If I get a feeling that there is a pet around I will tell the client and the drawing will be something else. Not this time.

I said to my client that her cat must have a strong energy to come through like this and she said, yes that was her personality, she used to chase the kangaroos away. 

What a personality.

I love it when evidence of survival after death comes through these portraits as it brings so much comfort.

It doesn't happen all the time because like I said it is a very intuitive process. I don't know what the portrait will be until it's finished.


I first came to Sharon because I was in need of some answers. And answers she gave me through my painting of my grandma, Sharon even painted her receding hair line. 

But not only this, I asked my Angels for validation on a meditation I was doing and she painted what I was meditating on. Her spirit reading was right on target with what I was going through in life and since then I have healed in areas I thought I never would heal in. I just recently ordered 4 portraits from Sharon too. And through Sharon's portraits I could see the healing that will take place for all who I give these portraits too. One portrait is for my Mother and I can see my grandpa and grandma coming through the portrait. One of the portraits was for me and in this portrait she drew me holding a ball of light and being embraced by Heaven, which I feel at times the warmth radiating around me..exactly how she drew it! 

Cheri , Nevada.

"WOW!!! I received my spirit guide drawing today and it bought me to tears. My guide is truly beautiful and this whole experience has answered many questions i had. Sharon told me and older man came through also and the details that were given were confirmation it was my Grandfather who i love and miss more than words can say. The energy of a baby also came through which gave me comfort as i have lost 2. Thankyou so so much. This drawing and the messages that came with it have given me peace and a knowledge that I'm being looked after by my loved ones xx " Nicolle QLD. Au

Hi Sharon 

I would like to thank you so much for my spirit art drawing of our son who is in spirit. 

The picture was spot on and the likeness to a photo was amazing. The healing qualities from your reading has helped me moved forward and has been therapeutic to myself and my husband. 

Thank you again. 
Warm regards 

Dr L. A. Melbourne


But that's not all that happens with my artwork. They often contain multiple messages and layers of meanings.

I did this painting spontaneously for my friend Linda Summer. Her name is little bird and not only did she provide comfort during a difficult period but she was also the inspiration for a short film. I will share more details about this when I am able.


I will be adding more details, stories and paintings to this site in the near future. In the meantime if you want to ask questions, order a portait or connect with me. Simply send me an email using the contact form below and I'll get back to you.