The Psychic Art Gallery.

Art that connects with Spirit

Are you one of the lucky people who knows they are being helped, supported and guided by Spirit Guides and others who love you on the other side?

Hi I'm Sharon Bosmoore

When I create art good things happen.

I have and ability to tap into a greater reality that connects with the invisible help that surrounds you.  I create art that brings healing, hope and helpful insights.

I believe that we are more than just human bodies that pass away after a short time on earth but souls who live on after physical death. I also believe that we live many lifetimes.

My art is a reflection of those beliefs and also my experiences and the experiences of others who I have been able to draw and paint for.

Usually, people find my work because they are being tapped  on the shoulder by the invisible helpers and loved ones who are with them.

So if you are reading this, please know that it is a message to you that they are with you. 

Contact me, ask questions or set up a time to talk..

Thanks for visiting